14 UK and Ireland venues are shortlisted to host the UEFA Euros 2028

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As portion of the UK and Ireland’s UEFA Euros 2028 bid, the 5 nations person submitted a database of 14 shortlisted venues to clasp games, including Cardiff’s Principality Stadium and Ireland’s Croke Park.

The 14 shortlisted venues presently see a enactment of stadiums crossed England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. 

What stadiums could big the Euros 2028?

As of the clip of writing, these are Villa Park, Everton Stadium and London Stadium. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Etihad Stadium, Old Trafford and St James’ Park besides marque the list.

Elsewhere connected the shortlist you tin find Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, Principality Stadium, Hampden Park, Croke Park, Dublin Arena and Belfast’s Casement Park Stadium. Of course, Wembley Stadium besides features.

However, this database volition trim by 4 travel April 2023. The last spot volition see 10 venues crossed the UK and Ireland.

The UEFA’s enforcement committee won’t determine connected hosts until September 2023. This is contempt the April 2023 deadline for the UK and Ireland.

Are the UK and Ireland assured with their tourney bid?

The UK and Ireland reportedly judge that UEFA volition o.k. their bid. According to The Guardian, this is chiefly due to the fact that the lone different state successful the moving to big the Women’s Euros 2028 successful Turkey.

A associated connection from the 5 UK nations and Ireland reads, “The UK and Ireland’s way grounds of hosting palmy large sporting events implicit galore decades means we person the expertise and acquisition to instrumentality this world-class tourney to caller heights.”

Previously, Russia had besides revealed its volition to big the women’s shot tournament. However, UEFA has since banned the state from football. This is owed to Russia’s penetration of Ukraine.

UEFA has ruled Russian bid for Euro 2028 ineligible. No Russian teams allowed to vie successful adjacent season's UEFA nine competitions. Also Russia booted retired of Women's Euros. Replaced by Portugal.

— Simon Stone (@sistoney67) May 2, 2022
Women’s Euros 2022 was conscionable the beginning

The UK and Ireland volition beryllium hoping that the Euros 2028 volition travel successful the occurrence of this year’s women’s tournament.

This year, each of the matches took spot crossed England. Various venues hosted matches including Old Trafford, Manchester City’s Academy Stadium and Wembley Stadium.

Of course, England’s Lionesses were crowned European champions astatine the extremity of the 2022 tournament. This followed their 2-1 triumph implicit Germany connected July 31st, with goals coming from Ella Toone and Chloe Kelly.

UK and Ireland are seemingly  assured  that their Women's Euros 2028 bid volition  beryllium  approved. Here are 14 venues that could big   the tournamentImage credit: UEFA via Getty The World Cup begins earlier the Women’s Euros 2028

However, earlier the Euros 2028, the satellite has the upcoming FIFA Men’s World Cup and the FIFA Women’s World Cup to absorption on.

The Men’s World Cup takes spot successful Qatar from November 20th. However, the women’s tourney volition not beryllium taking spot until adjacent summer. Hosts for the second see Australia and New Zealand.

The group stages of the Women’s World Cup person already been sorted. The ceremonial took spot successful Auckland, New Zealand and saw England being drawn into a radical with Denmark and The People’s Republic of China. The 3 volition past beryllium joined by whoever wins the Group B playoffs adjacent year.

Let’s anticipation that the UEFA Euros 2028 bid is successful!

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