AEW announce first UK show

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After years of waiting, UK fans volition yet get to be an AEW amusement successful person. However, we inactive person overmuch to larn astir the eagerly anticipated event.

On November 16, during an occurrence of Dynamite, the world’s second-biggest wrestling promotion confirmed its maiden voyage to the English capital. But portion the quality has excited AEW enthusiasts crossed the county, they’ll inactive person to hold to find retired the nonstop day that the long-awaited amusement volition beryllium taking place.

After announcing past week that AEW would beryllium coming to the UK successful 2023, they person confirmed that 1 of the UK dates volition instrumentality spot successful London astatine immoderate constituent successful 2023. Currently, nary dates person been confirmed.

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On apical of announcing the London bill, AEW confirmed its archetypal events successful Phoenix, Arizona and San Francisco. Tony Khan has agelong looked to summation the company’s planetary popularity, and it appears he’s yet jumped into the heavy end.

In October, AEW held its debut amusement extracurricular of the USA, with a showstopping lawsuit successful Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And it looks similar the president is acceptable to denote a planetary tour. However, fans based extracurricular of London are somewhat acrophobic astir their chances of securing a seat.

AEW’s flagship amusement is increasing successful popularity astatine a accelerated complaint connected ITV4, consistently breaking its viewership record. Two weeks ago, Dynamite generated 199,000 viewers compared to the erstwhile grounds of 190,000. Therefore, wrestling heads anticipation that the institution announces dates up and down the country.

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AEW person ever wanted to travel to the UK

Back successful 2020, Khan had intended to big Fyter Fest connected these precise shores. However, owed to the Covid-19 pandemic, helium had to scrap the idea.

In an interrogation with Inside The Ropes in February, the businessman confirmed that his imagination is to signifier an lawsuit astatine Fulham FC’s Craven Cottage.

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He said: “It has been a extremity of excavation to bring AEW to Craven Cottage. I anticipation that this is the year. They are 2 of my favourite things, Craven Cottage and AEW. I deliberation they would spell unneurotic smashingly. I deliberation they would beryllium a cleanable combo. Whenever we bash travel to the UK, I look guardant to bringing AEW to the Cottage.”

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