Alberta dad learns about son’s death in Victoria after Googling his name, finding obituary

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Glen Grier, from Stony Plain, Alta., wanted to nonstop his lad a day message. Scott Grier, 36, had been surviving connected the streets successful Victoria, B.C., and his dada hadn’t heard from him successful a while.

He made a find that’s possibly a parent’s worst fear: uncovering retired done a Google hunt past week that his kid was dormant — and has been for the past 8 months.

“It got maine thinking, cipher notified maine truthful possibly it’s not him, possibly it’s idiosyncratic else,” Grier said.

“Things commencement to spell done your head.”

Scott had a hard life. He struggled with addictions and experienced homelessness. He moved from Edmonton to Victoria successful 2019, but checked successful with household each fewer months.

Grier said Scott didn’t ever person a phone, truthful household had a hard clip reaching him sometimes and waited connected Scott to interaction them.

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Last week, Grier noted it had been excessively agelong since he’d past heard from his son. He wanted to telephone truthful Scott could speech to his seven-year-old daughter, who is successful Grier and his woman Michelle’s care.

Grier, who astatine times became overwhelmed with emotion erstwhile speaking with Global News, described his lad arsenic a escaped tone and amusive person.

“He was a fantastic kid, precise happy, afloat of energy. Very loving.”

On Jan. 18 – Scott’s day – Grier searched his son’s sanction online, similar he’s done earlier erstwhile trying to marque contact.

“Right connected the apical was the missing persons (report) that we did successful 2020, wherever they successfully recovered him … and close nether that is his obituary,” Grier said.

Grier said the posting was blank but for a name, day of commencement and that Scott had died May 16, 2022.

Through talking to police, the coroner and ceremonial location the adjacent day, Grier recovered retired digit prints confirmed it was his son, who was cremated and buried 8 months agone successful Victoria’s Hatley Memorial Gardens cemetery.

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 'Victoria stateless  colonisation  near  retired  successful  the cold'

1:49 Victoria stateless colonisation near retired successful the cold

Grier said nary effort was made to interaction Scott’s family.

When a idiosyncratic with nary fixed code dies successful B.C., the Public and Guardian Trust (PGT) is notified.

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If the deceased was nether the property of 65 and was receiving benefits from B.C.’s ministry of societal improvement and poorness simplification (MSDPR), that ministry deals with the person’s ceremonial arrangements.

For those who weren’t an MSDPR client, the PGT said it determines if the deceased had capable assets to wage for ceremonial costs and PGT fees. If the idiosyncratic did not person capable assets, PGT volition not hunt extensively for adjacent of kin.

According to a spokesperson from the MSDPR, the coroner successful Victoria contacted the PGT astir Scott’s death, who determined determination was nary property to manage, truthful the ministry took implicit and paid to person Scott cremated and his ashes buried.

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The ceremonial location posted Scott’s obituary online arsenic a courtesy, successful hopes a household subordinate would travel crossed it. They are not legally required to bash so.

Grier had filed a missing persons study with Victoria constabulary for Scott successful 2020, and Scott’s afloat sanction and day was connected the obituary page.

Since the authorities knew Scott’s identity, Grier said the ministry indispensable not person looked precise hard if it couldn’t link him to his son.

“They could person conscionable asked the Victoria Police Department due to the fact that it was maine that filed the missing persons report. They person my sanction and my number,” helium said.

“How did they person his due sanction and his due day for them to enactment (the obituary) up? Somebody had to cognize something.”

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Grier said helium understands determination are stateless radical whose adjacent of kin is hard oregon intolerable to find, but that wasn’t the lawsuit here.

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“Do they not enactment the effort into it? I don’t recognize why.”

Grier said helium thought this had lone happened to his family, but said helium started proceeding from different radical that’s however they recovered retired astir the deaths of loved ones too.

Now, helium and his woman are informing different families they mightiness request to look online if they haven’t heard from a loved 1 successful a while.

“If you’re missing someone, possibly Google them, arsenic weird arsenic that sounds,” Michelle said.

Glen and Michelle Grier from Stony Plain, Alta., accidental they weren’t notified erstwhile their son, Scott, died successful Victoria successful May 2022. Global News

Even though helium is near with truthful overmuch symptom and galore questions, Grier hopes sharing his acquisition volition assistance pb to change.

He’s speaking retired successful hopes different families won’t find retired astir a loved one’s decease successful the aforesaid way.

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“You don’t privation to spot it hap to different people.

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