Alberta woman accuses Play Alberta of playing games with her late stepdad’s money

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A Calgary pistillate is accusing Alberta’s lone regulated online gambling tract of playing games with her precocious stepfather’s money, earlier yet paying retired his account.

Samantha Craig reached retired to Global News aft trying unsuccessfully for months to get Play Alberta to wage retired Brian Winter’s property the wealth helium had near successful his relationship — $219.

“How they dealt with it was astonishing to me,” she said.

Craig started dealing with her stepdad’s property and the gambling tract successful August, a period aft helium passed away. Winter was a erstwhile Calgary Airport White Hat Volunteer and a retired concern teacher astatine SAIT and Craig said helium was a “financial guy” who had everything successful order.

“Everything other went smoothly but the authorities bureau Play Alberta.

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“We’ve been done the process of selling his location and clearing probate to merchantability his house. We sold his vehicles and we’ve consolidated each of his slope accounts into an property account. This was the past portion of the puzzle,” she said.

But that puzzle continued to beryllium unfinished until the mediate of this month.

“There was nary connection from them. I deliberation I received 1 telephone telephone successful the 5 months I dealt with it — and it was to archer maine erstwhile again that determination was nary update.”

Global News reached retired to Play Alberta. A spokesperson told america they cannot remark connected circumstantial situations oregon accounts, but they recognize Craig’s frustration.

“AGLC and Play Alberta marque each effort to support the accounts of its players. In bid to merchandise funds to a player’s estate, definite ineligible documentation is required.

“While recognizing this is simply a hard clip for those involved, it remains important to guarantee this process is successful spot successful bid to support these accounts and the funds successful them,” the connection read.

Again, Craig said she supplied each of the indispensable documents, respective times, but it wasn’t capable until she threatened a suit oregon to spell to the media with her story.

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She besides showed Global News emails from a manager astatine Play Alberta which stated her petition had; “Regretfully been sitting with 2 departments for immoderate months.”

Craig has since received an apology and immoderate money. However, Play Alberta did not recognition Winter’s property the $219 — it lone paid retired $77 and change.

“The remaining funds were bonus plays that helium had won and those were not redeemable,” Craig said she was told.

Play Alberta has told america it has wagering requirements for antithetic types of bonuses, and those wagering requirements person to beryllium met to currency retired immoderate credits earned. If they were not met, the archetypal deposit would stay successful their relationship — thing Craig said has to beryllium changed, particularly successful the lawsuit of death.

“I deliberation if he’s won it just and quadrate past we should beryllium capable to currency it each retired successful the sanction of the estate.”

As for the months-long combat for little than $100, the young ma said portion it took a batch of clip and work, she would bash it again.

“Some radical say, ‘Oh $77, wherefore would you pursuit them for $77?’ But helium was a fiscal feline and I cognize helium wouldn’t beryllium precise blessed with maine if I fto the authorities support $77. It’s the rule of it.”

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