Call of the Wilde: Montreal Canadiens make Boston Bruins earn 4-2 victory

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The Boston Bruins are the champion squad successful the NHL this season. They person lone 5 losses successful 47 games.

Considering they were playing fractional of the Montreal Canadiens and fractional of the Laval Rocket, they were expected to person nary contented astatine the Bell Centre, but they definite had immoderate earlier prevailing 4-2.

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General Manager Kent Hughes is getting immoderate highly beardown offers for Josh Anderson, but the offers person not yet met his target. It’s hard to accidental what, exactly, the expected instrumentality is for Anderson, but it should beryllium successful the neighbourhood of a first-round draught prime and different apical prospect.

It’s a batch for a subordinate successful his precocious 20s, but Anderson is earning the offers with his play. Saturday nighttime against the Toronto Maple Leafs, Anderson was the champion Canadiens player, and against the Bruins helium continued to beryllium a force.

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Anderson is flying done the neutral portion looking for passes and erstwhile helium gets one, helium approaches the bluish enactment with velocity that’s backing up the champion defences successful the league. Anderson is the benignant of subordinate who excels successful the playoffs with his large framework and won committee battles.

Hughes has indicated astatine times that helium isn’t adjacent definite if helium wants to determination Anderson, but considering the Canadiens are successful a rebuilding project, by the clip they are acceptable to compete, Anderson’s champion days volition beryllium down him. Logically then, helium should beryllium dealt.

Hughes has done a tremendous occupation of playing chickenhearted with GMs truthful far. He says what his terms is and past does not determination disconnected of it. If Anderson continues to play this well, 1 GM mightiness spot a cupful tally with a powerfulness guardant excessively bully to walk up gathering Hughes’ asking price.

The Canadiens are playing acold excessively good to get a top-five draught pick, truthful they whitethorn request different first-rounder to marque up for it successful a commercialized for the likes of Anderson, Sean Monahan oregon Joel Edmundson. Montreal was afloat worth for a triumph implicit the Maple Leafs connected Saturday, and connected Tuesday, they gave the Bruins a beardown contest.

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Kirby Dach continued his breakout play with different 2 goals. Except mediocre statistic wide successful the face-off circle, Dach is simply a earthy centre. He reads the crippled beautifully. He’s a monster successful transition. His portion entries are the champion connected the club. Also, successful this one, helium was 70 per cent successful the dot.

It’s casual to spot however well-coached the Bruins are. They are organized connected each rush. They flood zones well. They don’t conscionable spell to the net; they spell done the net. Every enactment is dangerous. They person a primetime face-off winner. They termination penalties similar they’re connected the powerfulness play.

So wherefore did the Canadiens, who are adjacent the basement successful the NHL, negociate to enactment close? They played a beardown conscientious 5-on-5 game. It was wide that the program was to not get caught up ice; to marque definite a 3rd antheral was high, truthful they couldn’t beryllium beaten easy connected the counter.

Credit has to beryllium fixed to Martin St. Louis, of course, for however the Canadiens are being coached. However, let’s not hide the caput manager successful Laval who has these replacements similar Jesse Ylonen, Rem Pitlick, Rafael Harvey-Pinard, Alex Belzile, and Justin Barron fitting close into the strategy astatine puck drop. Ylonen was 1 of the apical forwards against the Bruins.

Jean-Francois Houle adjacent has the Rocket playing good close now, which is simply a occurrence considering fractional their squad has driven down Highway 15 to play successful Montreal, including Cayden Primeau.

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Organizationally, determination are galore losses these days, owed to the rebuild, the fig of rookies and a rash of injuries to cardinal players, but overall, fans should beryllium impressed with however competitory Montreal is during a hard time.

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None of this praise of the enactment is possible, though, without a goalie playing amended than adjacent helium astir apt thought helium could. Samuel Montembeault has been asked to play 8 consecutive games, and he’s not lone handling the fatigue of that situation well, he’s really getting amended with each start.

Montembeault looks similar a solution going guardant for the Canadiens successful the net. He’s lone 26 years of age, and this is lone his 2nd play that he’s had a accidental to radiance astatine the NHL level.

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His prevention percent implicit the past 8 games is elite. He has faced 284 shots and stopped 264 for a .930. This is an highly beardown prevention percent considering the league mean is simply a debased .910 this season.

Wanting the squad to vessel and knowing that a squad needs to person endowment going guardant is simply a good balance. There’s a trade-off here. It’s promising for the Canadiens to cognize that person a goalie who tin marque immoderate stops erstwhile they’re competitory again.

However, it would beryllium a shame if helium was truthful darned bully that the Canadiens dropped retired of the top-10 successful the draft. Maybe it’s clip to springiness idiosyncratic other a chance.

Montembeault has what it takes. He’s proven himself. Even Martin Brodeur took the unusual nighttime off.

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With fractional the nine from Laval, oregon an NHL rookie, that this was a adjacent crippled against the Bruins was a miracle. No 1 criticizes miracles.

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The Canadiens prospects proceed to shine, but nary much truthful than Lane Hutson.

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What helium is accomplishing astatine Boston University successful his freshman twelvemonth is phenomenal. He is unequalled successful the assemblage ranks not lone this year, but he’s besides putting successful 1 of the champion assemblage campaigns for a defender successful history.

The golden modular for defenders is Brian Leetch, who successful his lone play of assemblage hockey successful his draught positive 1 play for Boston College played 37 games, scoring 9 times assisting connected 38 for 47 points. Hutson’s numbers are comparable with 27 points successful 22 games.

The golden modular the past 2 seasons astatine the assemblage level is New Jersey Devils imaginable Luke Hughes, but adjacent helium is not equalling what Hutson is doing successful his archetypal year, adjacent though Hughes is thought of arsenic the champion defender not successful the NHL today.

Hughes is scoring astatine little than a point-per-game gait astatine Michigan, portion Hutson has the 2nd champion points gait for defenders successful assemblage hockey. Hutson is apical ranked successful points-per-game erstwhile 1 computes the statistic utilizing a 15-game minimum, arsenic the leader, Cade Mason retired of Long Island, has played lone 14 games.

On the weekend, determination was much magic from Hutson arsenic helium racked up different 3 points. The crippled earlier that, helium scored the winning extremity with 5 seconds remaining. Hutson is 1 down the winning goals person Matthew Knies successful assemblage hockey. Knies has five. Hutson has 4 winners arsenic a defender.

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It is hard to judge that Hutson was taken 62nd wide successful the 2022 draft. It was due to the fact that of his tiny stature and adjacent that is improving. Hutson told scouts that helium had a doctor’s enactment suggesting his maturation spurt had not yet finished, and helium was right.

Hutson was five-feet-eight-and-a-half-inches astatine the summertime combine. He is present reportedly up to five-feet-10-inches. This is fantabulous for the Canadiens who are hoping that with longer legs and much bulk, Hutson tin grip the physicality of the NHL. It’s his lone question mark. Everything else, helium is elite.

The Canadiens person not had a dynamic defender similar Hutson since PK Subban and Andrei Markov. Just Hutson’s quality connected the powerfulness play could marque a monolithic quality to Montreal’s 2nd worst powerfulness play successful the full NHL.

It is apt that Hutson plays 1 much assemblage season, past it volition beryllium breathtaking to spot however his slick crippled translates to the pros. At the assemblage level, helium is having specified a phenomenal play that helium apt to person a Hobey Baker information this outpouring arsenic the NCAA’s champion hockey player.

Brian Wilde, a Montreal-based sports writer, brings you Call of the Wilde on after each Canadiens game.

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