Families of Uvalde shooting victims press for gun reform after California massacres

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Families from Uvalde connected Tuesday pleaded with caller urgency for tougher weapon laws successful the aftermath of a bid of wide shootings successful California, including the nation’s deadliest enactment of weapon unit since past year’s onslaught astatine a Texas simple school.

“People are dying each day, this shouldn’t beryllium happening,” said Veronica Mata, whose 10-year-old daughter, Tess, was among those killed successful the May onslaught astatine Robb Elementary School.

The 3 shootings successful California, which person claimed the lives of astatine slightest 24 radical since past week, occurred arsenic the Texas Legislature is getting backmost to enactment for the archetypal clip since the Uvalde massacre. Democrats person fielded dozens of proposals that would tighten Texas weapon laws, but astir basal small accidental of advancing successful the look of a commanding GOP majority.

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Still, respective parents and relatives of the 19 children and 2 teachers killed successful Uvalde traveled much than 3 hours Tuesday to renew their calls wrong the Texas Capitol. Some families person said Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who did not notation the Uvalde shooting portion being sworn into a 3rd word during his inaugural code past week, privately told them helium does not enactment tougher restrictions.

No Republican lawmakers joined Democrats who stood with victims’ families and weapon power advocates successful a quality league extracurricular the Senate floor. Some Republican senators walked past connected their mode retired of the chamber.

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The proposals sought by Uvalde parents see expanding the property to acquisition semiautomatic rifles similar the 1 utilized successful the May onslaught from 18 to 21 _ the state’s existent property bounds to bargain a handgun. Another would unfastened avenues for families to writer officers who don’t bash their duty. An investigative study by authorities lawmakers past summertime recovered that astir 400 officers waited successful a hallway and extracurricular much than an hr to breach the schoolroom wherever the gunman was shooting.

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Slain Uvalde teacher Irma Garcia was changeable 11 times from her caput to her legs with an AR-15-style rife, her sister, Marisol Lozano, said. She recalled seeing her sister’s look and hands reconstructed for the ceremonial to fell the slug wounds. Garcia’s husband, Joe Garcia, died of a bosom onslaught soon aft the shooting.

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“I wonderment if it had been 21 abortions being performed successful those classrooms, if our elected officials would measurement successful and bash the close thing?” Lozano said, referencing restrictions that authorities lawmakers person enacted implicit the years, including 1 of the strictest termination bans successful the U.S.

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, a Republican, said earlier this period that helium knew “difficult discussions” were coming connected weapon legislation. But helium aboriginal told reporters helium did not judge the the bills would find enactment successful the state’s Republican-controlled chamber.

Javier Cazares, the begetter of 9-year-old Uvalde unfortunate Jacklyn Cazares, said Phelan privately told families that helium and his constituents did not enactment the tougher weapon laws the families were backing.

“Our humor boiled, due to the fact that what tin you do?” Cazares, speaking successful Spanish, told the Associated Press.

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