Freddy Adu makes shock prediction ahead of England vs USA

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In a substance of hours, England volition play the USA successful 1 of the astir eagerly anticipated matches of the World Cup truthful far, and up of kick-off, Freddy Adu has made a monolithic call.

With Iran launching a spanner successful the works with a monumental upset triumph implicit Wales, the stakes successful Group B conscionable went done the roof. And with this tourney throwing up truthful galore surprises, Adu, is hoping that his location federation tin nutrient another.

At the highest of his powers, the now-retired American planetary had the imaginable to go the champion subordinate connected the planet.

While aged 14, the guardant signed for DC United, and successful his debut season, made 30 appearances, signaling 5 goals and 4 assists. However, the agleam lights proved excessively overmuch for the youngster and eventually, helium succumbed to the pressure. But there’s nary denying the striker’s endowment and cognition of the game. Therefore, we person to dainty his prediction with a large woody of respect.

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Freddy Adu predicts England vs USA

In an interrogation with, Offers.Bet, the 33-year-old reminisced implicit the past clip the teams went toe-to-toe.

He said: “We drew with England the past clip we played them astatine The World Cup acknowledgment to a Clint Dempsey goal, truthful you ne'er know. You person a accidental successful each game, and we person to spell retired determination with assurance and conscionable play – careless of what squad you’re playing against. We ever person a chance.”

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When asked astir his investigation of tonight’s match, helium made a valid lawsuit for his beloved USA getting the victory.

Adu predicted: “I americium going to accidental 2-1 to The USA, Pulisic and Reyna with 1 each. Reyna is my favourite subordinate successful the US nationalist squad close now. I emotion the mode helium plays the crippled successful the midfield. When he’s connected signifier and playing well, the squad looks similar a world-beater. When he’s not playing and isn’t progressive arsenic much, everything becomes hard for the team. He’s the X Factor, successful my opinion.”

And whether he’s close oregon wrong, there’s uncertainty that each instrumentality successful England, volition beryllium gathered astir their TV surface to witnesser an unforgettable collision.

Featured Image Credit: Freddy Adu