Freddy Adu reminisces over playing Lionel Messi at Under 20s World Cup

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In a caller interview, erstwhile wonder-kid, Freddy Adu, made a stunning revelation astir playing against Lionel Messi.

At the highest of his powers, the now-retired American planetary looked to person the capabilities to go 1 of the champion players connected the planet.

At the specified property of 14, the guardant signed for DC United, and successful his archetypal play made 30 appearances, successful which helium recorded 5 goals and 4 assists.

However, struggling to unrecorded up to his archetypal hype, Adu ne'er reached the pinnacle of the sport. The American’s communicative is simply a bittersweet one. Born with immense talent, helium could’ve been special, but the agleam lights took their toll.

When the unit is on, it’s not casual to perform, particularly erstwhile you’re inactive successful precocious school. Alas, it didn’t enactment retired for Adu, but helium inactive treasures the memories of his glory days.

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Freddy Adu discusses squaring disconnected against Lionel Messi

In 2005, Adu was brimming with confidence, but during an brushwood against Argentina, helium realised that determination was 1 antheral who stood retired supra each subordinate connected the planet, including himself.

The 33-year-old remembered, “It was 2005, successful Holland for the U20 World Cup and I was 16 astatine the time, and that’s erstwhile Messi didn’t adjacent commencement the crippled against us.

“But Messi came connected successful the 2nd half, and that was the time that adjacent I had to admit that determination was a subordinate that was amended than I was, and that was Messi.”

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“He was truthful bully successful that game,” helium continued. “I was thinking ‘Oh my God!’ due to the fact that everyone astatine the clip was saying ‘Freddy this, Freddy that’, and I was a precise assured subordinate astatine the apical of my crippled astatine the time, but Messi was conscionable better.

“He proved it successful that tournament. They went connected to triumph the tournament, and Messi conscionable destroyed everybody. We really went connected to triumph that crippled 1-0, but aft that game, we each said that helium was going to beryllium unreal.”

He concluded, “he didn’t adjacent commencement that crippled was the brainsick part!”

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