Hasim Rahman Jr vs Greg Hardy: DAZN Misfits Series X 003: UK start time, how to watch, Full card

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On Saturday night, Hasim Rahman Jr collides with Greg Hardy successful an intriguing heavyweight collision, and we’ve got each the details, including the UK commencement time.

After 2 lacklustre header attractions, Misfits Boxing person upped the stakes with the highest-level combat they’ve enactment connected yet. While neither antheral successful the main lawsuit looks apt to triumph a satellite title, they some cognize however to usage their fists, and transportation the powerfulness to extremity the bout successful an instant.

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After his contention with Jake Paul collapsed owed to value issues, Rahman Jr looked retired successful the cold. But luckily for his sake, KSI saved him from the abyss and gave him an accidental against Vitor Belfort. However, with little than a week until the contest, the erstwhile UFC Champion tested affirmative for Covid-19.

Consequently, Greg Hardy has stepped successful to guarantee the amusement goes on. And portion the erstwhile NFL prima mightiness not person the accomplishment connected his side, helium surely has the size. The 34-year-old weighs an astonishing 320-pounds, which, if implemented correctly, could springiness his hostile each kinds of trouble.

Therefore, Rahman Jr volition request to utilise each ounce of his method accomplishment to debar the bombs flying successful his direction. So with that said, this is an lawsuit fans can’t spend to miss, and to marque definite you tin drawback each the action, we’ve compiled everything you request to know.

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Hasim Rahman Jr vs Greg Hardy UK commencement time

As is often the case, Brtish combat enthusiasts volition person to acceptable their alarms for the aboriginal hours of Sunday morning. The card, which goes down astatine the Moody Centre successful Austin, Texas, is expected to commence astatine 1 AM, with the 2 main lawsuit fighters scheduled to locomotion to the ringing astatine 4 AM, earlier the archetypal doorbell rings astatine 4:15 AM.

How to ticker Hasim Rahman Jr vs Greg Hardy

The full measure is disposable exclusively connected DAZN. The lawsuit is not a PPV attraction, but caller subscribers volition person to wage a monthly interest of £7.99. Fans tin watercourse the boxing via their phones, laptops and PlayStations.

 You tin subscribe to DAZN here.

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Hasim Rahman Jr vs Greg Hardy: Full card

While astir are excited for the large boys, KSI has enactment unneurotic a paper featuring immoderate of ‘crossover boxing’s’ astir salient names, successful the anticipation that this volition beryllium a nighttime to remember.

The afloat paper is arsenic follows:

Hasim Rahman Jr vs Greg Hardy

Deen The Great vs Walid Sharks

Josh Brueckner vs Chase DeMoor

King Kenny vs DK Money

Minikon vs Nick Joseph

Brandon Buckingham vs Ice Poseidon

Featured Image Credit: Misfits Boxing