Iran boss stormed out of World Cup press conference over women’s rights questions

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After being pushed connected his views astir women’s rights, Iran caput coach, Carlos Queiroz, demanded outgo earlier walking retired of the World Cup media event, overmuch to the bemusement of the press.

The 69-year-old, who enjoyed a stint arsenic Manchester United’s adjunct manager, has a agelong past with the Middle Eastern nation. He held the reins successful some the 2014 and 2018 World Cups, and impressed purists with his tactical approach. In what would’ve been a monumental upset, helium astir guided the squad to the last-16, earlier a precocious equaliser from Iago Aspas successful Spain’s crippled against Morocco, sent the Iranians packing.

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The former Manchester United assistant manager caught the attraction of the Egyptians, who offered him the occupation arsenic their first-team coach. However, aft failing to unafraid qualification to the biggest tourney successful the sport, helium recovered himself backmost with Iran.

This year’s contention has been shrouded successful contention since the infinitesimal we recovered retired it was heading to Qatar. As per Amnesty International, abused migrants person had to physique state-of-the-art stadiums with zero rewards. And with the authorities refusing to fto them alteration jobs, galore fans person made the pugnacious telephone to boycott the competition.

And since the decease of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish pistillate who died successful constabulary custody earlier this month, immoderate members of the nationalist person deemed it inappropriate for Iran to play successful the contention astatine all.

Furthermore, their insistence that women deterioration hijabs, has prompted the media to commencement asking pugnacious questions, overmuch to the dismay of the gaffer.

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Iran manager demands outgo to reply questions connected women’s rights

During the media event, a newsman asked: “Are you good representing a state similar Iran astatine this World Cup that represses the rights of women?”

“To which transmission you work?” the manager responded.

“Sky,” answered the journalist.

Queiroz countered: “How overmuch you wage maine to reply that question? You are a backstage company, however overmuch you wage me?

“Talk with your brag and astatine the extremity of the World Cup, I tin springiness you the reply if you marque maine a bully offer. Thank you.”

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As the 69-year-old started to permission his seat, the newsman questioned: “You accidental it’s an honour…”

This prompted a furious absorption from the coach, who said: “No, no. I’m saying, to reply to that question, don’t enactment successful my rima words that I did not say. I’m asking to your company, however overmuch you wage maine to reply to that question? Ok. OK, convey you.

“I deliberation you should commencement to deliberation astir what happened with the immigrants successful England also. Go deliberation astir that.”

Featured Image Credit: Carlos Queiroz