Kingston, Ont. brewery harnessing carbon capture technology

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The Mackinnon Brothers Brewing Company, conscionable extracurricular Bath, Ont., is simply a section staple for radical looking to drawback a trade beer.

The institution prides itself connected being environmentally affable including increasing galore of its ain ingredients connected the household farm.

The newest summation to the cognition is simply a portion of instrumentality that volition assistance the brewery trim its c footprint.

“Now we’re capturing each the CO2 from our fermentation processes, condensing it and being capable to reuse it successful the brewery,” said brewmaster Dan Mackinnon.

Mackinnon says erstwhile brew ferments yeast turns earthy sugars into intoxicant and CO2. The intoxicant stays successful the beer, and the CO2 is usually vented into the air.

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The caller instrumentality captures the CO2 and pressurizes it. It is past enactment backmost into the brew aboriginal successful the process, creating the achromatic foamy caput brew is known for.

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Queen’s University chemistry prof Dr. Philip Jessop calls the exertion a changeable of genius.

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“I perfectly deliberation we should beryllium capturing the CO2 from the brew fermentation,” said Jessop. “That’s going to trim the magnitude of CO2 going into the ambiance and due to the fact that it’s beauteous axenic CO2 coming off.”

In the agelong run, the exertion is besides a outgo saver for the brewery.

Normally a brewery buys CO2 to carbonate the brew but Mackinnon brewery nary longer needs to.

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“We’re capable to seizure astir 500 pounds from each of our ample batches, truthful each clip we ferment a large batch of brew we’re capable to prevention a decent magnitude of money,” said Mackinnon.

To date, the Mackinnon Brothers accidental they are the lone known trade brewery successful Ontario utilizing this greenish technology.

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