Limited bus service to Kelowna, B.C. student neighbourhood a safety issue: petition

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The past autobus to Quail Ridge leaves UBC Okanagan field astatine 5:40 each weeknight.

The Kelowna, B.C. neighbourhood, adjacent the university, is location to galore students and the deficiency of evening bus service leaves them to locomotion location on an isolated forested way successful the dark.

Postdoctoral pupil Javad Sadeghi said helium doesn’t deliberation anyone would consciousness harmless walking the way astatine nighttime arsenic determination are nary lights and it takes astir 20 minutes.

Sadeghi said helium tries to permission field aboriginal to debar walking location by the airy of his cellphone but sometimes can’t debar staying precocious if he’s moving an experiment.

For Sadeghi, an evening autobus that came hourly “would beryllium amazing.”

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He is not alone. In the past 5 days, much than 250 radical person signed an online petition calling for accrued work hours for the Quail Ridge bus.

Peyton Twardochleb, 1 of the pupil organizers of the petition, says not having a autobus to the neighbourhood connected evenings and weekends not lone poses a information contented but besides means students person little entree to campus.

“We’ve heard tons of feedback from radical who unrecorded successful the country and besides radical who person antecedently lived successful the area. It sounds similar this has been an contented for a agelong clip and not 1 that has been resolved by the city,” Twardochleb said.

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The students’ national is supporting the petition and says that wide determination is simply a request for much autobus work to field arsenic implicit 2,600 students usage buses arsenic their main mode of transportation.

“What we would similar to spot is existent transit to those areas wherever students are living,” said Cade Desjarlais, the VP External for UBC Okanagan students’ union.

“So they tin entree our schoolhouse and entree our services arsenic good arsenic it is simply a information issue. I don’t deliberation anyone would beryllium comfy walking erstwhile it is transportation achromatic retired astatine nighttime aft classes alone. So this is truly a large interest for us.”

Desjarlais argues students are already dealing with fiscal pressures including rising ostentation and expanding lodging prices and shouldn’t person to interest astir transit being disposable to entree the community.

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City of Kelowna Transit Service Coordinator Mike Kittmer said the metropolis is considering proposals to summation evening and play work successful the strategy generally, which could pb to extended hours connected the Quail Ridge bus.

“Those proposals bash necessitate last metropolis budgetary support aboriginal this twelvemonth arsenic good arsenic provincial budgetary support earlier they could beryllium implemented,” explained Kittmer.

That means the earliest a nighttime autobus to Quail Ridge mightiness beryllium imaginable would beryllium adjacent schoolhouse year.

Kittmer said that close present the city’s absorption is connected expanding off-peak services, similar evening and play services, due to the fact that those won’t necessitate further buses.

The metropolis presently can’t accommodate an influx of other buses owed to a deficiency of further abstraction for autobus retention and attraction but Kittmer said enactment is underway to code those issues.

“We recognize the value of transit to the pupil body,” Kittmer said.

“We surely stay committed to moving with everybody to amended those services and getting done this play wherever we bash person immoderate constraints that we are addressing.”

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