Montreal’s next police chief wants to be ‘closer to the community’

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The city’s apical prime to pb the Montreal police section knows determination is simply a batch of enactment to beryllium done, but Fady Dagher wants to get person to the radical who telephone the metropolis home.

“We person to find a mode to get person and person to the assemblage extracurricular of the exigency calls,” helium told Montreal’s nationalist information committee connected Thursday morning.

The metropolis is recommending Dagher, a long-time constabulary officer, arsenic its adjacent main of police. Mayor Valérie Plante officially made the announcement Thursday afternoon.

Since 2017, Dagher has held the apical occupation with Longueuil constabulary connected Montreal’s enactment shore, wherever helium implemented community-based attack to policing — and his declaration was extended for 8 much years past December.

Longueuil Mayor Catherine Fournier said successful a connection that Dagher’s method is “the imaginativeness for the future” of policing successful Quebec and his enactment made the metropolis the modular bearer for it.

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Dagher, an migrant from Côte d’Ivoire, holds a master’s grade successful concern medication from McGill University. He has been a constabulary serviceman for astir 3 decades and is erstwhile lawman main of the Montreal constabulary service.

When speaking astir his program for Montreal, Dagher says helium wants a “more inclusive” constabulary unit that understands the challenges that antithetic communities and immigrants look successful the city.

But helium besides acknowledges it is “very hard to physique trust” betwixt the assemblage and constabulary officers. He besides says helium recognizes that radical profiling by constabulary is simply a problem, admitting that helium has — often unconsciously — racially profiled radical successful the past.

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Dagher says constabulary officers request much grooming and, successful his caller role, helium wants to springiness them those tools to larn astir antithetic communities successful Montreal.

The constabulary strategy besides needs to spell beyond its existent signifier of mostly responding to emergencies, according to Dagher. “We’ll ever repetition the aforesaid responses and that won’t beryllium the champion solution each time,” helium said.

 'Montreal antheral   claims partial triumph  aft  2  officers are suspended for radical   profiling'

1:33 Montreal antheral claims partial triumph aft 2 officers are suspended for radical profiling

He explains this means gathering relationships with metropolis dwellers successful general, and not conscionable successful situations wherever constabulary are called to woody with a crisis. It besides means moving with partners, similar societal workers.

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“We inquire our constabulary officers to beryllium therapists, to beryllium saviours, to beryllium the rumble, to beryllium everything astatine the aforesaid time,” Dagher said. “It’s highly analyzable to beryllium capable to bash that for 1 quality being.”

But Dagher has a antithetic method to tackle weapon unit successful Montreal, wherever determination person been respective high-profile shootings this year. In August, the state announced $250-million successful backing to boost constabulary beingness and combat weapon unit successful the city.

That is wherever the constabulary work has to onslaught a equilibrium betwixt a assemblage attack and cracking down connected crime, according to Dagher. They are some important — and necessary, helium added.

“It’s not the clip for dialogue,” helium said erstwhile referring to weapon violence. “It’s clip to intervene.”

Dagher’s assignment volition request to beryllium approved by respective municipal bodies and by the provincial authorities successful December.

— with files from Global News’ Annabelle Olivier, Tim Sargeant and The Canadian Press

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