Regina Mayor Sandra Masters on fellow councillors lawsuit against city manager, “I think its disgusting”

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A Regina metropolis assembly question to code homelessness has pb to 2 metropolis councilors filing a suit against the metropolis manager.

Coun. Dan Leblanc is simply a lawyer and helium filed the suit connected behalf of Coun. Andrew Stevens and section activistic Florence Stratton.

Leblanc claims that caller metropolis manager Niki Anderson failed to adhere to assembly directives by not including the fiscal implications to ending homelessness successful the preliminary budget.

The suit filed successful the Court of King’s Bench calls for Anderson to see a preliminary estimation of $24.9 cardinal successful the projected fund to extremity homelessness.

“This would necessitate elected councilors to publically instrumentality a presumption connected homelessness which is simply a large contented successful this city. If it’s not successful the projected fund its imaginable for america to fell down it and person nary notation of it and that is an accountability issue,” said LeBlanc

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Back successful June of this twelvemonth a question was passed unanimously for metropolis medication to see successful the projected 2023 fund a afloat operational backing to lick homelessness passim the city.

“Its important that our unelected metropolis manager travel the wide absorption of elected metropolis officials and that’s not what happened here,” said LeBlanc.

After Wednesday’s metropolis assembly gathering politician Sandra Masters was asked for her thoughts connected her colleagues lawsuit.

“If you’re asking maine personally, I deliberation its disgusting,” said Masters.

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Masters added she felt the actions of Leblanc and Stevens contained undertones of sexisim successful regards to Anderson who is the cities archetypal pistillate metropolis manager.

“Niki Anderson has been our metropolis manager since November 1st. I deliberation its an atrocious mode to dainty not conscionable immoderate worker but a caller employee. I dont deliberation this would person been been the enactment undertaken a twelvemonth ago,” said the mayor.

Masters suggests a much due avenue would person been for LeBlanc and Stevens to stitchery 4 signatures from assembly members which would telephone a assembly gathering connected the matter.

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Regarding the June question Masters says those numbers are each included successful the fund publication released this week but that metropolis medication was ne'er told to urge the funding.

“If you look astatine the transcripts from that June 15th meeting, you volition spot that erstwhile questioned astir it, it was simply going to beryllium debated astatine fund clip and that’s what assembly understood,” said Masters.

City medication said the precocious costs of the task was the crushed for the omission successful the preliminary budget.

They reported that and estimated $122.5 cardinal would beryllium required to instrumentality a housing-first exemplary to code homelessness.

In the suit Leblanc lone added the $24.9 cardinal dollar operating magnitude saying that the $122.5 cardinal is the superior magnitude which is baseless.

“We presently person 700 vacant societal lodging units and 500 stateless folks. It doesn’t instrumentality a rocket idiosyncratic to enactment stateless radical successful vacant housing,” said LeBlanc.

The tribunal day is acceptable for November 29th. LeBlanc is hopeful for a tribunal ruling earlier December 14th erstwhile assembly is slated to statement the cities budget.

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