Troy Williamson vs Josh Kelly: UK start time, how to watch, full card

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On Friday night, Troy Williamson and Josh Kelly spell to war, and we’ve got each the accusation you need, including the UK commencement time.

While the bout betwixt Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora has near British fans with a bitter sensation successful their mouth, the match-up betwixt 2 of the North East’s finest volition undoubtedly soften the blow.

In a contention that could spell either way, some men volition look to stamp their authorization earlier. Having reached the Olympics arsenic an amateur, Kelly undoubtedly has the skills to permission his hostile chasing shadows. However, successful his bout against David Avanesyan, helium tired, which volition springiness his upcoming hostile a tremendous consciousness of confidence.

Williamson, who is dormant acceptable connected defending his British title, volition use relentless pressure, successful the anticipation that helium tin deterioration the southpaw down and yet get him retired of there.

The 2 boxers’ contrasting styles volition apt gel to perfection, making this a contention fans can’t spend to miss.

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Troy Williamson vs Josh Kelly: UK commencement time

The combat which pitches Darlington against Sunderland volition spell down astatine the Utilita Arena successful Newcastle.

And portion Williamson volition person much fans successful the arena, Kelly volition look to utilise each ounce of his acquisition to disregard the assemblage and get the occupation done.

The paper is scheduled to commencement astatine 4 PM, with the main lawsuit scheduled for 11 PM.

How to ticker Troy Williamson vs Josh Kelly?

The eagerly-anticipated contention volition broadcast unrecorded connected Channel 5, allowing fans crossed the state to ticker a large combat for free.

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Troy Williamson vs Josh Kelly: Full card

While astir fans are excited for the main event, there’s a plethora of talented fighters connected the bill, including Lyndon Arthur and Matty Harris.

Troy Williamson vs Josh Kelly; For Williamson’s BBBoC ace welterweight championship Matty Harris  vs  Jiri Surmaj; Heavyweight Ben Marksby  vs  Olaide Fijabi; Super lightweight Aaron Chalmers  vs  Ryan Broten; Light middleweight  Jordan Barker-Porter  vs  Sheila Martinez; Women’s lightweight Katharina Thanderz  vs  Edina Kiss; Women’s lightweight Lyndon Arthur  vs  Joel McIntyre; Light heavyweight Hosea Stewart  vs  Franklin Ignatius; Heavyweight

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