Vancouver mayor vows to axe controversial single-use cup fee by summer

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Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim says the city’s arguable single-use cupful fee volition beryllium gone by this summer.

Sim made the comments during his archetypal ‘state of the city’ code to the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade connected Tuesday.

“Everyone present successful Vancouver loves the situation but we tin marque a favoritism betwixt things that are pragmatic and not,” Sim said.

“What we’ve heard from the concern assemblage and residents is the cupful interest conscionable ain’t working, that it’s punitive. So that’s wherefore we’re committed to getting escaped of the cupful interest by this summer.”

Sim’s ABC Vancouver enactment holds a bulk connected council, ensuring it should person small occupation repealing the fee.

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 'City of Vancouver stays the people   connected  azygous  usage  cupful  fee'

2:06 City of Vancouver stays the people connected azygous usage cupful fee

Vancouver implemented the changes to its Licence Bylaw connected Jan. 1, 2022 which banned the usage of integrative buying bags and required businesses to complaint a 25 cent interest for disposable cups and 15 cents for insubstantial bags.

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Because the metropolis does not person the powerfulness to instrumentality income taxes, wealth from the fees goes to the business, not the government. Businesses were encouraged to usage the wealth to power to reusable alternatives to single-use items.

The fees instantly proved controversial, with immoderate critics arguing they amounted to a windfall for ample concatenation businesses, and others saying the fees discriminated against low-income and stateless people.

 'Is the City of Vancouver’s single-use cupful  interest  a currency  grab?'

3:12 Is the City of Vancouver’s single-use cupful interest a currency grab?

Council aboriginal moved to exempt escaped drinks and meals oregon those purchased with a voucher from the interest to code immoderate of those concerns.

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It was not instantly wide if Sim’s program extended to the bylaw’s container interest provisions. The national authorities rolled retired its ain prohibition connected integrative market bags past month.

Sim maintained his ABC would besides perceive to different perspectives connected the issue.

“We’re not going to agelong it retired two, 4 years and constitute a study astir it. We’re going to record a motion, we’re going to statement it,” helium said.

“We’ll person a precise unfastened mind. If idiosyncratic tin person america wherefore it makes consciousness to inactive person the cupful taxation there, we’re each ears. But if radical can’t supply that statement and wherefore it is genuinely a payment to the environment, we’re going to get escaped of it.”

According to the city, radical successful Vancouver threw retired much than 82 cardinal single-use cups and 89 cardinal integrative bags successful 2018 alone.

The metropolis estimates the outgo to cod and dispose of those items runs astatine astir $2.5 cardinal per year, and says galore extremity up successful the landfill.

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