World Cup friendlies: Which nations have a game before Qatar 2022?

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As the world’s champion players each caput to Qatar for the biggest tourney connected the planet, immoderate nations person decided to person immoderate pre-World Cup friendlies. But who has mentation matches this week?

International friendlies up of a large tourney are a accepted build-up method seen earlier erstwhile World Cups. However, Qatar 2022 is simply a tourney similar nary other.

Thanks to its mid-season position, galore countries’ squads are linking up for the archetypal clip conscionable a week earlier the tournament. This leaves precise small clip for friendlies. Additionally, the wounded hazard from not having a interruption from nine shot is apt heightened, too.

As a result, a whopping thirteen nations person decided against having a lucifer earlier the World Cup. This includes the likes of Brazil, France, and the Netherlands, arsenic good arsenic England and Wales.

Other countries, though, are ramping up for the tourney with immoderate crippled time. So, erstwhile are these matches?

World Cup friendlies: Wednesday 16 November

Now, immoderate teams, specified arsenic Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Cameroon, person already played games up of the tournament. In Saudi Arabia’s case, they prepped an unthinkable six friendlies to cogwheel up for Qatar 2022.

Other countries, however, person opted for conscionable 1 oregon 2 friendlies. For instance, Croatia volition play aforementioned Saudi Arabia time successful the Gulf Kingdom. This volition beryllium bully acclimatisation for Luka Modric and co, positive a shot trial for the Saudi team.

Also playing connected 16 November are 1 of the World Cup favourites successful Argentina. They look the UAE, who volition big Lionel Messi and Argentina astatine their national stadium. However, Messi volition apt beryllium rested oregon person constricted moving successful that match.

Elsewhere, Poland and Germany person games scheduled connected Wednesday, versus Chile and Oman respectively. Poland’s group C opponents, Mexico, volition play a lucifer against Sweden successful mentation for Qatar.

World Cup friendlies connected Wednesday 16 November (all kick-off times UK):

Saudi Arabia v Croatia – 12pm

UAE v Argentina – 3:30pm

Poland v Chile – 5pm

Oman v Germany – 5pm

Mexico v Sweden – 7:30pm

Thursday 17 November

Thursday sees a fistful of World Cup teams look disconnected against each different successful immoderate high-quality matchups. Firstly, Ghana of Group H instrumentality connected Switzerland of Group G. Although unlikely, these 2 countries could really conscionable successful the circular of 16 successful Qatar.

Japan and Canada are besides 2 teams headed to the World Cup that person a affable against each other. Like Ghana and Switzerland, they excessively are successful neighbouring groups – E and F, respectively.

In addition, Iberia is getting successful connected the World Cup friendlies act. 2010 winners Spain caput to Jordan for a game, meanwhile, Portugal big Nigeria in Lisbon. North African broadside Morocco besides person a friendly, facing disconnected against Georgia.

Lastly, CONCACAF representatives Costa Rica instrumentality connected Iraq successful a warm-up game.

World Cup friendlies connected Thursday 17 November

Ghana v Switzerland – 10am

Japan v Canada – 1:40pm

Iraq v Costa Rica – 2pm

Morocco v Georgia – 4pm

Jordan v Spain – 4pm

Portugal v Nigeria – 6.45pm

Friday 18 November

Following a engaged Thursday, the friendlies statesman to dilatory down. Just 3 World Cup-bound nations person fixtures scheduled 2 days earlier the tourney start.

Kevin de Bruyne and the Belgium squad question each the mode to Kuwait for a lucifer with Egypt. Mo Salah is successful his nation’s squad for the affable against Belgium.

Also connected Friday is Cameroon’s affable with 2018 World Cup minnows Panama, and Serbia’s crippled against Bahrain.

World Cup friendlies connected Friday 18 November

Cameroon v Panama – 10am

Belgium v Egypt – 3pm

Bahrain v Serbia – 3:30pm

On Sunday 20 November, the world’s eyes volition beryllium connected Qatar v Ecuador successful the opening fixture of the 2022 World Cup.

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